Indications for reception of mineral water

Disease of organs of digestion

  • Chronic gastritis from preserved and increased secretory and motor-evacuation functions of stomach in the phase of remission, weak whether remission fading of exacerbation;
  • 12 peptic duodenal ulcers in the phase of decaying exacerbation or remission without motor failure of the stomach, bleeding, penetration and suspicion of malignant degeneration.


  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Calculous cholecystitis;
  • Ulcerative colitis, oslojnenny bleeding.

Diseases of the liver, biliary tract and pancreas

Residual effects of Botkin's disease after the end of the icteric period in the inactive whether phase phase attenuation activity.

  • Chronic persistent, reactive and toxic hepatitis in the inactive phase, or phase minimal activity;
  • Chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, ангиохолиты different etiology without a propensity for frequent exacerbations, without the effects of jaundice and normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • Condition after surgical intervention on the liver and biliary tract, not earlier than 1-2 months after the operation, when a satisfactory condition and окрепшем postoperative scar;
  • A dyskinesia of a biliary tract and gall bladder;
  • Chronic pancreatitis mild to moderate (except tuberculous) in the absence of tendency to frequent exacerbation.

Kidneys and urinary tracts diseases.

  • Chronic pyelonephritis in remission, without disruption of the nitrogen excretion renal function and without severe hypertension;
  • Chronic (non-specific) cystitis.


  • Jade;
  • Chronic renal failure, haematuria.

Diseases and metabolic disorders.

  • Obesity аоиментарное circulatory failure is not higher of the 1st degree;
  • Diabetes mellitus, mild to moderate weight stable compensation of no tendency to acidosis;
  • Gout, urine acid diathesis;
  • Oxaluria;
  • Phosphaturia.


  • Pronounced thyroid dysfunction;
  • Diabetes, which is accompanied by acidosis.

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