Chronic pharyngitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Chronic pharyngitis disease of the mucous membrane and throat tissues, characterized by long, continuous flow.

Pharyngitis can occur in two forms:

  • acute - responds well to treatment;
  • chronic - is the result of incorrect or untimely treatment of acute pharyngitis.

Neglect treatment of pharyngitis is impossible, because it can turn into a chronic hypertrophic or atrophic pharyngitis (with changes of the mucous tissue of the throat).

Causes of chronic pharyngitis

Factors that cause inflammation in the throat are:

  • the cold air;
  • chemical effects (Smoking, alcohol);
  • infection (viruses, micro-organisms).

In addition, provoke chronic pharyngitis can caries and diseases of the mucous of the nose.

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis has fewer symptoms than acute. So, for him, is not a characteristic of the temperature increase.

The main signs of chronic pharyngitis are:

  • dry and sore throat;
  • dry cough;
  • redness back of your throat.

In chronic гипертрофическом pharyngitis there was an accumulation of mucus in the process of expectoration which can be opened vomiting.

In patients with chronic atrophic pharyngitis observed инъецированные vessels and dried mucus on the wall of the pharynx.

How to cure chronic pharyngitis?

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis depends on its cause. The patient may be prescribed course of antibiotics, hot foot baths, compresses, rinse and other procedures.

Good results in the treatment of chronic pharyngitis can be achieved in sanatorium-resort conditions. The patient will be prescribed physiotherapy (ultrasound, electrophoresis), as well as mud therapy and balneotherapy.

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