Chronic tonsillitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Chronic tonsillitis is a disease in which there is prolonged inflammatory process in Palatine and глоточных tonsils.

Quite often the treatment of chronic tonsillitis neglected, which can not be done. This disease can have a number of negative consequences:

  • disorder of the functions of internal organs;
  • violation of potency;
  • loss of hair, brittle nails, etc.

Causes of chronic tonsillitis

As a rule, the factors influencing the development of chronic tonsillitis, are:

  • frequent recurrent angina;
  • inflammation in areas close to the throat (teeth, nose throat);
  • injury and the curvature of the nasal septum.

Under unfavourable conditions, for example, decrease in ambient temperature, bacteria on the tonsils are activated, resulting develops inflammation.

Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis

Diagnosis of chronic tonsillitis" is carried out on the basis of such evidence:

  • persistent sore throat;
  • presence of inflammation of the tonsils;
  • low-grade fever;
  • the increase in the nearby lymph nodes.

With suspected chronic tonsillitis as soon as possible to see a doctor to begin treatment.

How to cure chronic tonsillitis?

Treatment of chronic tonsillitis can be both conservative and surgical way.

In the first case the patient is assigned to a course of procedures associated with disinfection throat (rinsing, washing), and antibiotics.

Patient surgery, if treatment of chronic tonsillitis without removal of the tonsils is not possible.

How to treat tonsillitis doctor decides, depending on the patient.

Effective is the treatment of the disease in sanatorium-resort conditions: patients are appointed physiotherapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy.

You can pass the course of treatment in our rehabilitation center. Details about its cost, accommodation in medical centre and proposed procedures learn the telephone numbers (04338) 2-20-86 (round the clock) or (04338) 2-25-77 (from 09.00 to 18.00). Or use the feedback form in Contacts