Vasomotor rhinitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Vasomotor rhinitis is a disease of the Airways associated with disruptions in the regulation of blood vessels that feed the shell of the nose.

Vasomotor rhinitis: why is this disease?

In this disease, the blood vessels of the nose are not in good shape, as a result, a stuffy nose. This occurs for the following reasons:

  • intake of viral infections;
  • inhalation of polluted or over-flavored air;
  • climate change, accompanied by a sharp change in the level of humidity and temperature.

In addition, factors influencing the emergence of vasomotor rhinitis can also be stress, hormonal surge and use some of the nasal drugs.

Vasomotor rhinitis: the main symptoms

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • loss of smell;
  • the feeling of dryness of mucous membrane;
  • difficulty breathing through the nose.

In addition, as with other types of rhinitis, there is a feeling of tiredness, weakness, decrease of physical and mental activity.

Untimely treatment of vasomotor rhinitis, or lack thereof, in principle, can lead to violations of lung ventilation, problems with blood circulation, headaches and even nervous disorders.

Neglect the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis is not: at the first sign of a physician must be consulted.

How to treat nasal asthma arthritis?

Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis is complex. First of all he is prescribed drugs, contributing to strengthening blood vessels. In addition, prescribed physiotherapy, for example, rehabilitation with the use of UV light and ozone.

In some severe cases, have to resort to surgery.

Specialists of our rehabilitation center successfully fight вазомоторным rhinitis by inhalation, balneotherapy and magnetotherapy.

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