Coronary heart disease: causes, symptoms, treatment

Coronary heart disease - a disease that combines angina, myocardial infarction, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis.

Coronary heart disease usually develops in older people. On the inner membranes of the arteries appear fat, blood flow is impeded, develops angina pectoris and ischemic heart disease.

In case of untimely treatment of chronic ischaemic heart disease.

Chronic ischemic heart disease: causes

Coronary heart disease may develop due to such reasons:

  • hypertension;
  • alcohol and tobacco use;
  • passive way of life;
  • heredity (chronic ischemic heart disease next of kin);
  • diabetes;
  • stresses.

Causes of coronary heart disease is varied. Currently, coronary heart disease is one of the most common diseases on the planet.

Coronary heart disease: symptoms

Coronary heart disease - a disease that progresses slowly. The earlier it is diagnosed, the more effective is the treatment.

The main symptoms of coronary heart disease include:

  • breast discomfort;
  • pain;
  • interruptions in reducing heart.

When these symptoms, you should seek medical attention to avoid the development of chronic ischemic heart disease.

Coronary heart disease: treatment

Treatment of coronary heart disease drugs is not sufficiently effective, especially when it comes to a stage where developed chronic ischemic heart disease.

Most often, with chronic coronary heart disease patient is assigned coronary artery bypass grafting.

In chronic coronary heart disease, a large percentage of patients are sent to sanatorium-resort treatment. In the absence of contraindications patients are prescribed for balneological treatment.

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