Obliteriruty endarteriit: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease

Obliteriruty endarteriit - vascular disease, which is accompanied by spasms and may lead to dismissal of the lumen of the artery.

Most of all he exposed the representatives of males aged 20 to 50 years.

Women suffer from endarteritis 99 times than in men.

Causes of obliterating endarteritis

Factors influencing the development of endarteritis of lower extremities, quite a lot.

The main causes of this disease are:

  • non - negatively affects the condition of the blood vessels, causing a contraction;
  • chronic poisoning by substances, causing spasm (e.g. lead);
  • frequent exposure to cold and transferred earlier frostbite limbs;
  • mechanical damage to limbs and chronic neuritis.

Obliteriruty endarteriit: symptoms and course of illness

For this disease characterized by a gradual development and the gradual manifestation of symptoms.

In the early stages, until the walls of blood vessels not undergone organic changes, obliteriruty endarteriit manifests only in the periodic vascular spasm. There is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, legs терпнут, the skin becomes dry.

With time may appear severe muscle pain, and without proper treatment - even appear ulcers and develop gangrene.

In order to avoid surgical intervention and relief of disease at an early stage it is necessary to consult a doctor for treatment.

Treatment of obliterating endarteritis

Depending on the degree of vascular doctor will decide on the method of treatment:

  • conservative;
  • surgical.

In the first case the patient is prescribed to lead a healthy lifestyle, taking certain medications and undergo a course of physiotherapy in sanatorium-resort conditions.

In the second case, we are talking about surgical procedures.

Treatment of obliterating endarteritis (balneotherapy, mud), you can in our rehabilitation center.

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