Cholecystitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Cholecystitis - gallbladder disease, accompanied by irritation and inflammation of the body, causing a breakdown in the process of excretion of bile.

To this disease equally prone men and women after the age of 50 years.

Causes of cholecystitis

This disease can develop for different reasons. Most often factors in causing the emergence of cholecystitis, are:

  • gallstones;
  • other diseases (such as diabetes);
  • the injury.

In all these cases, developing acute cholecystitis. If not treated, the gallbladder wall and compacted develop chronic cholecystitis.

If cholecystitis accompanied by the formation of stones, he called calculous.

Symptoms of cholecystitis

Manifestation of the disease begins with a sharp pain in the right hypochondrium. It occurs due to blockage of the bile ducts and irritation walls of a gall bladder and their subsequent inflammation.

In addition, symptoms of cholecystitis are:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • temperature increase;
  • weakness;
  • yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes;
  • dryness of the mucosa of the mouth.

When these symptoms of cholecystitis should immediately see a doctor to begin treatment.

Treatment of cholecystitis

The mandatory condition of a disease and cholecystitis is hospitalized. At the initial stage the patient is prescribed rest, regular meals are replaced with nutritious mixes which are administered intravenously.

When temperature increases are assigned to broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Treatment of chronic cholecystitis is the diet and conduct the active way of life, shows that procedures in sanatorium-resort conditions.

When calculous cholecystitis treatment may be expeditious: from bladder stones are removed.

Pass rehabilitation after operations or preventive measures cholecystitis can be in our rehabilitation center.

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