Contracture joint: causes and treatment

Contracture - disease of the joints that their mobility is restricted. This is due to the tightening of the skin and other soft tissues.

This disease most often affects the small joints (for example, contracture brush). The contracture of large joints is no exception (contracture of the knee joint).

Contracture of the joint causes

Depending on the origin of contracture joint is congenital and acquired. The nature of congenital contracture is unpredictable.

Cause of acquired contracture of the knee and other joints may be:

  • bruises;
  • mechanical damage to the skin, severe burns;
  • ischemia;
  • gunshot wounds;
  • injuries of tendons;
  • arthritis and arthrosis.

The most common types of this disease of the knee joint contracture and contractures of the elbow joint. They can occur due to trauma, as well as age-related diseases of the joints.

Contracture joint: treatment

As regards the overall clinical picture, it can be varied depending on the type of contracture (contracture knee joint contracture of the elbow joint), its causes and age of the patient.

When contracture knee joint contracture ankle, Dupuytren's contracture etc. treatment may be conservative (without surgery) and operational (with surgery).

Treatment contracture should be comprehensively. The process involves:

  • physiotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • massage;
  • mud treatment.

Knee joint contracture and other types of diseases are successfully treated in sanatorium-resort conditions.

Patient is shown balneotherapy, wraps and mud wraps.

Specialists of our rehabilitation center for many years successfully fight with all types of disease - from contractures of the elbow to the small joints contractures of the brush.

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