Diseases of the periarticular soft-tissue: causes, symptoms, treatment

Rheumatic diseases of the periarticular soft-tissue - a group of diseases of the joint surrounding tissues (tendons, joint capsules, subcutaneous tissue, ligaments, etc).

Diseases of the periarticular tissue:

  • tendovaginitis and tendonitis (the tendons);
  • дигаментиты and энтезопатии (ligaments);
  • bursitis (bursas);
  • aponeurozita and фасцииты (апоневрозы and fascia).

The main causes of disease okolosustaveh soft tissues are injuries and great exercise.

Rheumatic diseases of the periarticular soft-tissue may be primary or secondary.

Primary diseases of the periarticular tissue has inflammatory and dystrophic origin, secondary associated with relapsing inflammation to the surrounding tissue.

Diseases of the periarticular soft-tissue symptoms

Rheumatic diseases okolosustaveh soft tissue, usually accompanied by pain and restricted mobility of the joint.

In the place of their occurrence appears swelling and redness, clinical indicators analyses remain normal. Thus, the diagnosis of diseases of the periarticular soft tissues is carried out on external clinical signs.

Rheumatic diseases okolosustaveh soft tissue: treatment

Treatment of periarticular tissues is complex. Physical load on the affected joint is limited, for the relief of pain are used analgesics, is piercing painful zones solution of Novocain.

In addition, diseases of the periarticular tissue patients to sanatorium-resort therapy, physiotherapy procedures.

Effective methods of treatment of diseases of the periarticular tissue are balneotherapy and mud.

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