Treatment of fractures of bones and joints

Fracture is a violation of the integrity of a joint or bone, which occurred as the result of external impact or pathological process.

The main causes of fractures are:

  • fall;
  • The traffic accident;
  • slog;
  • excessive physical load;
  • diseases of bones and joints.

Treatment of fractures offset

In the case of fractures offset mandatory process is repositioning - restore the correct position of the bones.

At this stage it is important to arrest the pain and avoid muscle retraction. Further, depending on the severity of the fracture, the extremity is superimposed adhesive bandage is applied экстензионный method (tensile) or surgery.

Treatment of fractures of hands

This is one of the most common types of fractures. Treatment involves dressing and elimination of pain (conservative treatment of fractures). At least in the fractures of the bones in the hands require operative intervention.

Treatment of fractures of the tibia

Such injuries often occur in athletes. As a rule, on the damaged finiteness superimposed adhesive bandage, in some cases, the necessary traction, created with the help of the needles.

Quite often an ankle fracture. Treatment of fractures of the joints is carried out mainly by surgery to competent reposition.

The consequences of fractures

Even if the treatment of bone fractures was quite successful, may eventually manifest its consequences:

  • pain in joints;
  • swelling;
  • the limited mobility;
  • muscle atrophy.

In this case, help complex rehabilitation, which consists in физиопроцедурах, balneology and mud therapy, massage, exercise therapy.

You can take a full course of rehabilitation after breaking a bone or joints in our medical center, there are all conditions for achievement of excellent results.

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