Diseases of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and parametrium

Unfavorable ecological situation, frequent stresses, the exhaustion, hypothermia lead to a decrease in immunity of the female body.

Consequently can develop diseases of the internal female organs:

  • ovarian;
  • the fallopian tube;
  • parametrium.

Diseases of the ovaries and their treatment

Diseases of ovaries are:

  • Adnexitis - inflammation caused by Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, chlamydia and other bacteria. This disease can be transmitted sexually or occur due to the weakening of immunity after an illness. Treatment of inflammation of the ovaries is carried out with the help of antibiotics may also be appointed physiotherapy.
  • Apoplexy - bleeding in the ovary that pulls a rupture of its meninges and blood in the abdominal cavity. Symptom of the disease of the ovaries are a pain in the lower abdomen. As a rule, the operation is not required, is assigned to the medication.
  • Ovarian cyst - formation which appears as a result of accumulation of secretions. Treatment of ovarian cysts is by conservative means, in some cases assigned laparoscopy. During the formation of multiple cysts develops polycystosis. In this case, the percentage of surgical interventions above.
  • Ovarian tumors malignant or benign conditions, the treatment of which is their timely removal.

Quite often, when the disease affects the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Disease parametrium

Параметрий - parauterine fiber. In case of inflammation parametritis. Its main symptoms are increases in temperature and pain.

As a rule, is sick and hospitalized, prescribe medication, and if necessary conduct surgical intervention.

Treatment of ovarian and rehabilitation after operations efficiently conducted in our medical center: appointed balneotherapy and irrigation mineral waters.

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