Women's diseases of the uterus and cervical cancer: types and treatment

One of the most common problems in gynecology diseases of the uterus and cervix.

Their main symptoms are:

  • crashes menstrual cycle;
  • painful sensations;
  • the selection.

Types of diseases of the uterus

To main diseases of the uterus and cervix are:

  • Myoma - benign education. In the early stages of the disease is appointed conservative treatment, if neglected forms without surgical intervention is not necessary.
  • Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue lining the uterus inside, grows into its wall, spread to other organs. Treatment of endometriosis, uterine незапущенной form of medication (hormones)in the late stages of an operation is needed.
  • Adenomyosis uterus - a kind of endometriosis. Causes of adenomyosis uterus are not investigated. Treatment is carried out with the use of hormonal preparations, while further development of the disease surgery.

Types of cervical cancer

Diagnosis of cervical cancer is widely spread.

Most frequent diseases:

  • erosion is a violation of the integrity of tissues, as a result of the inflammatory process;
  • leukoplakia - dense formation of the cervix, which can be caused by running erosion;
  • polyps - small education with inflammatory or hormonal nature;
  • HPV is a manifestation of human papillomavirus infection, can be characterized as uterine;
  • dysplasia is a precancerous process;
  • cervical cancer occurs due to dysplasia, rarely infects healthy uterus.

Treatment of diseases of the cervix can be both medically and surgically. Good results are achieved when conducting physical therapy, бальнеотерапевтических procedures.

To undergo treatment or recovery after diseases of the internal female organs can be in our rehabilitation center.

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