Atopic dermatitis in adults and children: causes, symptoms, treatment

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease allergic nature, accompanied by inflammation and severe itching.

This disease affects children under the age of 12 years, in adults it rarely diagnosed.

The disease may occasionally deteriorate, causing the patient a lot of unpleasant sensations. Timely access to a doctor - Deposit edema disease.

Atopic dermatitis: the causes of disease

The main cause of atopic dermatitis is a reaction of the human body to interact with the substance, which is for him the allergen. As a rule, the allergen are:

  • dust particles;
  • wool Pets;
  • pollen;
  • detergents, etc.

In the human body irritant can enter the contact, air or food way.

Atopic dermatitis: how it manifests itself

Feature of the disease - dry-skin and severe itching.

In addition, factors pointing to the presence of the disease are:

  • the stains with blurred boundaries;
  • the appearance of abscesses;
  • the defeat of the hands, feet, head and knee flexion.

Specialist diagnoses atopic dermatitis external characteristics and results of the analysis.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults and children

Treatment of atopic dermatitis begins with the exception of contacts with the substance-allergen.

After the appointed creams and moisturizing lotions that relieve itching and nourish the skin, eliminating the dryness and preventing cracking skin and the appearance of ulcers.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in children is complicated by the high probability of combing the affected areas. To avoid this, it is necessary to cut their nails and keep hands clean.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in the sanatorium gives good results: the patient is prescribed physiotherapy, balneology and mud treatments.

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