Chronic sinusitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Chronic sinusitis is a disease of the respiratory tract, reflected in long-term inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

Sinusitis may occur in acute and chronic.

Most often this disease affects children, of which it is a complication of other diseases such as rhinitis, influenza, scarlet fever.

One of the common types of this disease is the maxillary sinusitis (sinus infection).

The causes of chronic sinusitis

Factors that provoke the development of chronic sinusitis are:

  • running respiratory diseases;
  • the formation of polyps and tumors in the nose;
  • exposure to allergens on the body;
  • injury;
  • failures in the immune system of the organism.

In addition, chronic sinusitis may develop due to Smoking and inhalation of industrial toxins.

With regard to the maxillary sinusitis, one of the reasons for its occurrence are foci of infection in the teeth.

The symptoms of chronic sinusitis

The main evidence of chronic sinusitis are:

  • persistent nasal discharge;
  • difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • painful sensations;
  • weakness;
  • loss of smell.

In addition, chronic sinusitis may be accompanied by fever and headaches. When верхнечелюстном sinusitis observed painful sensations in the infraorbital region.

When these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis

For achievement of positive results of treatment of sinusitis should be complex. He is prescribed drugs - vasoconstrictor, antihistamines, antimicrobial, analgesic.

In some cases (with верхнечелюстном sinusitis) requires endoscopy.

Patients are also shown sanatorium treatment: a course of physical therapy, balneotherapy and mud.

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