Rehabilitation after surgery on the liver and biliary tract

Quite often, when diseases of liver and biliary tracts patient surgical intervention. This is useful when the medication does not have the desired action and the patient's condition worsens.

Surgical intervention is carried out, if the speech goes about the presence of stones in the bile ducts that must be urgently removed.

When some diseases may be hepatectomy (partial removal of the liver).

The consequences of surgical intervention

After a surgery on the liver or biliary tract may occur, such complications

  • bleeding;
  • inflammation of the liver and surrounding organs;
  • liver failure;
  • blood clots.

The recovery period after surgery will last long and directly depends on the severity of the operation, and General physical condition of the patient.

Rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort conditions

Patients suffering from liver disease or who have had the surgery, shown adoption of mineral water.

Mineral water at diseases of a liver improves the General condition of the organism, stimulate blood circulation, stimulates the process of biliary excretion and have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

It should be remembered that the intake of the mineral water can be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist, since in some cases the type of water patient is contraindicated.

In our rehabilitation center for many years successfully held for rehabilitation after surgery on the liver and biliary tract.

Experts will study your body, choose a particular course of procedures, appoint treatment curative mineral water, which is famous resort Khmilnyk.

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