Rehabilitation after operations on the spine or joints

Diseases of the joints and spine injuries often enough doctors are resorting to surgery, after which you must undergo rehabilitation.

The aim of rehabilitation is to restore the lost functions of the limbs or spine, and the return of mobility. It should be noted that the wrong rehabilitation results of operations may be reduced to nothing.

Rehabilitation after operations on the spine

Rehabilitation after operations on the spine is a complex process, in which to take an active part doctors of different specializations - psychologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc

This process includes not only the restoration of the lost skills, adaptation of the patient's physical, psychological and social consequences of surgical treatment.

He is prescribed certain procedures, including:

  • medical massage;
  • phytotherapy;
  • electrophoresis;
  • mud applications;
  • balneotherapy;
  • magnetotherapy etc.

Rehabilitation after operations on joints

No less important is the correct rehabilitation after operations on joints. Its main elements are:

  • Remedial gymnastics;
  • mechanotherapy;
  • massage;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • physiotherapy.

Excellent recovery results can be achieved in sanatorium-resort conditions. Physiotherapy promote early recovery, healing and eliminating the pain.

You can pass a course of rehabilitation after operations of hernias of a backbone, joints or other diseases of the musculoskeletal system in our medical center.

You can pass the course of treatment in our rehabilitation center. Details about its cost, accommodation in medical centre and proposed procedures learn the telephone numbers (04338) 2-20-86 (round the clock) or (04338) 2-25-77 (from 09.00 to 18.00). Or use the feedback form in Contacts